The Terrésens Group, a major player in Alpine leisure property, has just launched a new concept: new generation “Daddy Pool” apartment hotels.

The Daddy Pool brand allows us to meet growing demand from our professional partners in the tourist accommodation sector, who want to be able to offer their international clientele new comfortable accommodation units with high quality services (for overnight and weekly stays). Terrésens has redesigned and modernised old aparthotels, making them more luxurious.

These apartments that can be adapted* to offer studio, or one- or two-bedroom apartments, able to satisfy a broad range of clientele in both high and low season: families during high season / business and senior clientele in the shoulder seasons. The occupation rate is thus optimised for rental income.

Once holidaymakers are comfortably settled into their apartments, they are able to enjoy the well-being spaces for the duration of their stay, including the swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, the health and beauty treatment cabin, the lounge, the mountain speciality tapas bar, the games room and the coworking space.

A very limited number of Daddy Pool apartments are available for sale within brand new developments, exclusively reserved for investors interested in competitive returns and fiscal advantages.

The Concept

Within our new property developments in the mountains :
– Between 80% and 90% of the apartments are marketed as classic second homes, that may or may not be linked to a property management agreement for rentals.
– Between 10 and 20% of the apartments (a maximum of 5 to 10) are reserved for buy-to-let investors looking for rental income.

Why create this exclusive Investor Package ?

When renting properties to tourists, Terrésens works in partnership with international tour operators who prefer a minimum number of apartments to be dedicated exclusively to their clientele for 10 months of the year. Our Investor Package makes more “tourist beds” available for rent, which increases the number of visitors, making the economic players in the resorts very happy.

That is why some of the apartments in some of our developments (between 10 and 20% of the properties) are reserved for investors who want only to receive competitive fixed rental income (Even if there are still homeowner occupancy options).

All of the other apartments in the developments are marketed as classic second homes, and Terrésens offers any owners who want to sign up for it a very flexible rental management programme that allows for personalised occupancy of the property, while also providing variable rental income.

Investor Package income

Depending on the development, the average yield might be as high as 3% before taxes, calculated on the price of the property before tax + furnishings before tax. (1).

What is more, all the co-ownership association charges fall to the manager, other than taxe foncière (French property tax) and the charges under article 606 of the French Civil Code.

Tax advantages

The investment is eligible for the French fiscal status of a Loueur Meublé Non Professionel (LMNP) or Non-Professional Furnished Leaser, which also allows for VAT to be reclaimed (at 20%) (2) on the price of the property and furnishings.

These tax advantages allow investors to add real income-generating properties to their portfolios which provide tax-exempt (or almost tax-exempt) rental income for around 20 to 30 years.

• Profitability before tax = Profitability after tax

This “investor” package is, therefore, ideal for those hoping to supplement their income efficiently and boost their future retirement pensions.

(1)Estimate is non-contractual: The figures provided are purely indicative and non-contractual. The figures do not guarantee developments in tax law and regulations or the accuracy of client data. The company IMMOE TERRÉSENS would like to draw the client’s attention to the fact that the company is unable to control the variables that affect these calculations and that these forecasts have no scientific or economic value.

(2) Reclaiming VAT: Article 261 D 4e / Article 271 I and Article 271 IV of the French tax code (CGI): claiming back VAT obtained when purchasing a furnished home in a residence offering para-hotel services is definitely gained by 20th.

(3) Depending on the development, a mortgage or loan for the full amount before tax should be obtained and any reclaimed VAT should be used for the early repayment of capital.

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