Terrésens properties and sustainable development

Investing in property

Property is now French people’s favourite investment. It represents one of the safest investments to build your capital and develop your assets.

Investing in property is a sustainable and responsible approach to considering the future in the long-term: preparing for your retirement or even ensuring your children’s future.

Sustainable and responsible schemes

Our property developments blend into the surrounding urban design and local architecture. From design to completion, we insist on high-quality materials that meet sustainable development requirements. We are committed to finding innovative solutions to fight climate change and integrating them into the design, construction and management of our properties.

Meeting construction norms in our new apartment complexes

All of our apartment complexes meet current norms ((RT2012, C15-100, DTU, disabled access, acoustics, seismic etc.). Our 2022 projects also comply with the latest French environmental regulation RE2020. Natural solar solutions are built into our designs and we ensure that the heating and hot water are supplied by high-performing collective boilers (wood or natural gas). We also strive to reduce and manage water consumption (by limiting pressure, reducing flow, and capturing rainwater). So as to encourage the use of electric vehicles, our apartment complexes are equipped with 22 kW EV charging points.

Choosing materials for our apartment complexes

To optimise the sustainability of our buildings, concrete and wood are prioritised during construction and we use externally insulated thermal envelopes to minimise energy consumption. We also use solvent-free paint and wood stains for all wood finishes.

Keeping the construction supply chain short

Mountain construction requires large quantities of wood (for the frames, roofing, wooden cladding, parquets, panelling, and kitchens etc.). We take great care when sourcing the wood for our constructions and make tree species from France or Europe (spruce, Norway spruce) our first choice. In-factory treatments (steaming and heat-treating) are also favoured to make the materials last longer and reduce the need for wood stains and treatments for general upkeep. When carrying out the levelling work and for earthworks, we use local rubble solutions to limit transportation to the valleys and to reduce our carbon footprint. We also aim to work with local companies wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the tradespeople and experts working on our sites.

Treating and recycling waste

Waste sorting is mandatory on all our building sites. Wherever possible the earthworks are reused on site and repurposed (crushing, liming etc.).


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