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Terresens group brands

Since 2013, the Terresens group has a new management subsidiary called “Terresens Vacances”. She is in charge of the French Joint Ownership Tourism Scheme (CRT). Since 2015, Terresens Vacances, operating under the brand name of “Terresens Hôtels et résidences” (THR), manages the apartment for their owners. THR ensures the proper functioning, through the cleaning, maintenance and technical monitoring of apartments and common areas.

Terresens Hôtels et résidences also works with the general public. We offer properties for rent in the moutains and the sea, ideally located and with luxuriously appointed : apartments, chalets but still villas for unforgettable stays ! Cozy and spacioux, the properties are located in tourist destinations, and have a strategic position (center station, ski on the feet, sea view) and enjoy a warm, authentic and refined. Everything is thought to make everyone feel at home.

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A new concept of Terresens group, Daddy Pool operates small hotels or hotel residences in resorts located on premium emplacements : close to the ski lifts, at the foot of the ski slopes, center-station … Daddy Pool welcomes you in a friendly and family atmosphere and adapts to a large clientele.

A new generation of hotel thought for a new generation of customers : this is the concept of Daddy Pool !

The principle is to offer hotel apartments with a sluice, a junior hotel suite and on the other side a master hotel suite with a kitchen and a dormitory. The idea is to rent its 2 spaces together or separately allowing the reception of a wide range of customers.

Comfort and hospitality, warmth and serenity combine with the sweetness of life in Daddy Pool mode for memorable holidays !

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Terresens group subsidiaries

« 606 Valorisations » :
Portage subsidiary of Terresens group.

In order to promote its core business, namely real estate development, the Terrésens group has created the subsidiary “606 Valorisations”.

It enables the Group to finance and carry its real estate operations in the mountains. “606 Valorisation” will bring up to 30% of the real estate programs initiated by the Group, thanks to a debt raised of 68 million euros.

This subsidiary supports Terrésens’ strategy, namely the development of warm beds in the Alps.

Terrésens Financière : 
Subsidiary of Terresens group.

“Terrésens Financière” is the Group’s real estate financing subsidiary.

It raises funds from a investors club’s, private or institutional, to reinvest them in the rounds table of real estate development operations initiated by the Group.

The entry of Terrésens Financière in the promotion companies is secured thanks to the attainment of 50% of the marketing, the validation of construction costs, the credit works and the financial guarantee of completion obtained. Bond investors benefit from an attractive rate of return : 10% fixed + 5% depending on the success of the operation.

Immoé :
Immoé, marketing subsidiary of Terresens group

Immoé, subsidiary of the Terrésens group, markets the real estate properties : apartments, chalets, villas.

The group operate, in France and abroad, with his own real estate consultants and his network of partners (banking networks, large networks, and independent wealth management advisors).

To manage the marketing & sales of our residences, Immoé is also in charge of marketing, of sales and a part of the back office.

Terrésens Portugal :
Subsidiary of Terresens group

Terrésens Portugal is a portuguese subsidiary of the Terrésens group created in 2017. It is 70% owned by the Group.

This subsidiary invests in the development of tourism projects located in Portugal. She is in charge of the promotion, construction and management of residences.

Terrésens Vacances :
Management subsidiary of Terresens group

The concept of Co-ownerships of Residences for Tourism (CRT) (CRT) is aimed at homeowners seeking to build a second home matching their need, without the hassle of the management of a normal leisure residence, while enjoying certain tax advantages and rental income.

Established in 2015 by the Terrésens group, My Second Home is available to manage all the Co-ownerships of Residences for Tourism (CRT).

My Second Home is the commercial name of Terrésens Vacances, subsidiary of the Terrésens Group.

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