Sustainable development

Investing in property

Property is now French people’s favourite investment. It represents one of the safest investments to build your capital and develop your assets.

Investing in property is a sustainable and responsible approach to considering the future in the long-term: preparing for your retirement or even ensuring your children’s future.

Sustainable and responsible schemes

Our property schemes are integrated into urban planning and the surrounding architecture. From design to construction, the materials used are high-quality and respond to the requirements of sustainable development.

For the design of our residences, we give priority to the following ecological labels:

‘BBC’ – Low-Energy Building

The ‘BBC’ (Low-Energy Building) label guarantees that the building consumes less energy than a traditional building.

In order to cut the energy costs by half compared to a traditional building, the following factors need to be taken into account:
Orientation with regard to the sun and the wind: in order to tap in on the sun’s free energy while avoiding the negative effects of the wind.
Design: by favouring large glazed areas in the south and avoiding them in the north.

Shape: rather than spreading out constructions, we seek to profit from the heat of the other buildings.
Insulation: the insulation of the building will be meticulous and thicker than for traditional constructions. We therefore keep the heat inside the dwelling.
Airtightness: the building will let very little air escape, thus preventing heat from escaping.
By respecting all these requirements, the Low-Energy Building will be able to reduce heating consumption (€200 / year for a ‘BBC’ house compared with €1,200 / year for a traditional house). It also guarantees that the property already respects future regulations.
The ‘BBC’ label means reduced energy consumption and the guarantee of reduced rental charges.

The European Ecolabel

Created in 1992, the European Ecolabel is the only official European ecological label applicable in all the member countries of the European Union. This label, whose criteria are common to all of Europe, concerns not only construction but also the management of buildings.

Only buildings whose operators put in place rigorous procedures in terms of the environment and services for occupants are eligible to use this label. In fact, these criteria guarantee a product’s suitability for use and the reduction of its environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.
The managers chosen by Terrésens to operate its residences are committed to obtaining the European Ecolabel for all the residences they will eventually manage.

All the residences developed by Terrésens therefore take into account — and at a very early stage — the expectations of their future occupants.

A reference for housing in terms of ecology